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Tutorials, guides and techniques used to make leather items. See how items are crafted by hand.


Cross-section of a Saddle-stitch

All items are 100% hand stitched from start to finish using a traditional method of stitching known as saddle-stitching. No machines involved.

Saddle-stitching uses two needles and one long run of thread to produce an even slant on both sides of the leather.

This is a unique method of stitching unique to leatherworking, and produces the strongest known stitch that cannot be replicated by machines.

To Be Added!

The outside of the leather is sealed using resolene and a wax-mixture
This prevents the dye from rubbing off and helps protect the leather from water, finger-prints and scuffs
Unburnished vs Burnished Edge
Edges are slicked (burnished) with gum tragacanth before being sealed with a mix of beeswax, paraffin wax and oil

Burnishing has the effect of smoothing down the fuzzy edges of a leather item, sealing and protecting it from further fraying.

This is done by rubbing a piece of wood, canvas or denim on the edge until it “burnishes”, producing a glassy look and smooth feel.

Edge creasing is a decorative step that give items a refined premium look
Creasing an edge can change the look of an item dramatically.

Crafting Process

Crafting process for different items and acts as a tutorial if you wish to make them yourself.

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Two-Piece Strap

A traditional style two-piece watch strap with two keepers.

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