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Traditional Western and Eastern tools used

Japanese Leather Skiving Knife

Japanese knives are made from high quality steel that hold an extremely sharp edge.

The shape of this knife is designed to pull towards you, allowing ease while free-cutting and giving better control.

This knife is used to cut and thin leather.

Japanese Diamond Chisels (9 SPI)

Japanese chisels are used to punch through leather.

They create a diamond shaped hole which helps the thread fall in place, slanting the thread on both the front and back of an item. This dual slanting of the thread is a result of saddle stitching.

Saddlers Harness Needles

Needles used in hand-stitching leather have blunted tips so as to not pierce the leather unwantedly (the holes are already made using the chisels).

The eye of the needle also has a slight indent, which helps the thread sit more flat against the needle.

Edge Bevellers

Edge bevellers are used to round the edges of the leather and to prevent edges from folding over during the slicking process (making edges smooth). This gives an item a slicker look and can make it more confortable to handle.

Edge bevellers come in various different sizes to suit different thicknesses, however something to take note of is that there is no universal size between brands.

There are three general types of edge bevellers:

  1. Flat Bottom
  2. Round Bottom
  3. French
Scratch Compass

Scratch compasses are used to mark a straight line across leather, usually as a cutting or stitching guide.

Bone Folders

Bone folders are smooth tools that are used to smooth over or flatten a leather item without leaving a mark.