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Classic Bifold with Blue Accents

Ordered as a gift, this client had a very specific design and colour scheme in mind. It was the first time I had done angled pockets (and considering how it turned out, definitely not the last). Classic Bifolds are not the most interesting items to craft, but I hadn't made one in quite a long time, and it was nice to make use of new techniques I had learnt and new tools I had acquired on a timeless design. [...]

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The Threads of Leatherworking

This is my experience of the threads used in my leatherwork. I will talk about the usability, look, and acquisition of threads I've used, from an Australian's perspective.   *this post will be updated whenever I have the opportunity to try new threads out Atelier Amy Roke *My current and preferred thread. Atelier Amy Roke is a leather working group from China. They produce tools, materials, hard-ware, craft-materials, and finished products along with thread. They have two lines of thread, linen and polyester. Both come in a range of sizes and similar colours, with [...]

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