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A Day with Kyoto Leather

Kyoto Leather is a high-end brand selling exclusive leather with patterns made from traditional Japanese techniques. Started up in 2015 when Toshihiro Tajiri saw an opportunity to bring life back into the declining leather industry and produce premium crafted skins. Toshihiro himself isn't a crafter but sees himself as more of a coordinator, bringing craftsmen, industries and brands together with high-quality materials. A workshop is currently being renovated in Arayashima, which will be the focal point of creating high-quality products using the leathers produced. While the name is [...]

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Navy Tan Long Wallet

The initial commissioned piece was quite different with a lot of back and forth, and changes before the design was finalised. Ordered by a client who wanted something unique, yet classic and would fit specific uses. This wallet comfortable fits 100AUD notes and has plenty of space for cards. I am quite pleased with how this piece turned out as it has a sleek and minimal appearance. Materials Amy Roke Polyester Thread Hand-stitched at 9 stitches per inch (3mm) with Dark Sapphire P45 (632 – 0.45mm). [...]

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Classic Bifold with Blue Accents

Ordered as a gift, this client had a very specific design and colour scheme in mind. It was the first time I had done angled pockets (and considering how it turned out, definitely not the last). Classic Bifolds are not the most interesting items to craft, but I hadn't made one in quite a long time, and it was nice to make use of new techniques I had learnt and new tools I had acquired on a timeless design. EDIT (28/08/2018) - requested from a fellow crafter, I'm adding the template I used to make this. Keep in mind [...]

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The Threads of Leatherworking

This is my experience of the threads used in my leatherwork. I will talk about the usability, look, and acquisition of threads I've used, from an Australian's perspective.   *this post will be updated whenever I have the opportunity to try new threads out Atelier Amy Roke *My current and preferred thread. EDIT (29/08/18): After conversing with several leatherworkers (such as dkkdleatherworks), I can no longer recommend Amy Roke thread. While personally my batch of threads weren't affected, the quality of subsequent batches have apparently gone down. Atelier Amy Roke is a leather working group [...]

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